The Brands Vs The Local Jewelers: Which is better for you?

Jewelry is a magical word that radiates bright smiles and happiness on every female’s face. Every jewelry piece adorning woman’s physique is getting modified with innovative designs on the basis of recent trends and fashion.

Nowadays, there is immense competition amongst the best-branded jewelry shops at its optimum level. The jeweler’s are extremely busy in professional marketing, in order to cater the endless craving for elegant designs. Competition amongst the branded jewelry shops and local jewelers has actually come to the common person’s reach. It is no longer limited to priceless possessions of monarchs or film stars.

Now let me enumerate the points that will point out why purchasing diamond jewelry is better from local jewelers than a Tanishq store:

Difference in Pricing:  In today’s time, jewelry comes in several forms that meet the individual’s style and personality. Likewise it’s pricing also differs. If you are planning to buy jewelry, then it is recommended that you opt for a local jeweler and not Tanishq. We all know that Tanishq is a well-known brand but the difference in pricing of diamond jewelry is huge in comparison to local jewelers. They add unnecessary making charges, which increases the price of the item twofold. ‘Overheads’ are charges, which they charge from the patrons without their knowledge.

Expertise in the field: The most significant reason that you must purchase from a local store is the years of expertise they have in this sphere. Professional jewelers answers all your queries regarding gemstones, cut, design, and clarity thoroughly in comparison to the employee at Tanishq store. Local jewelers are more keen to answer your questions and assist you in selecting the correct jewelry for yourself. Local jewelers try their level best to build a good reputation with their patrons by offering excellent services. This further enhances good relationship amongst the jeweler and the patron.

It is recommend that you buy diamonds from jewelry stores near  your house. Delhi has lot of genuine jewelry shops. The truth is Tanishq is the costliest branded showroom in the market. Yes!! It is absolutely branding and this is the reason for its pricing.

Does Brand Matter while buying Gold or Diamond Jewelery?

I think NO! This is a clear and precise answer what I feel. You may not have the same view as mine but it is utter wastage to pay high premium for similar quality of jewelry, which can be purchased from a jewelry store nearby.

No wonder, our eyes are being spellbound by the looks of ravishing Ms. Deepika Padukone and handsome Mr. Bachchan as their brand ambassador. The former defines youth icon and the latter defines trust towards the brand. Why people would question the brand integrity? At the same time, how will the brand (Tanishq) cover the additional marketing cost? Certainly by your purchase of gold or diamond jewelry!

Local or small jewelers can be the source of wonderful modified pieces. They will offer you more assistance and after-sales services all through the buying process. This guide clearly shows and helps you to lessen the concern while looking for a reputable local jewelry shop.

Do not pay three times the Price!

What is the point to pay three times the price for a jewelry design? For excellent designs for pendants, engagement rings, or earrings, you can always visit jewelry store near your place and get extensive variety. With the advancement in Computer Aided Designing (CAD), any tech-savvy or creative person makes wonderful designs they wish for. Therefore, if you have any particular design in mind, then you can get it customized for the local vendor rather than visiting Tanishq store.

Jewelery making charge of a brand such as Tanshiq is definitely as high as its name and has a massive marketing expenditure, which needs to be recovered. Do you know from whom they recover? From the patrons! No wonder, they offer huge variety of designs and finishing, but it is utter foolishness to spend three times the price just for designs. We should know that they are charging us for designs and not for the gold amount, the item contains.

Think wisely and then make such investments!

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