How to tell if a diamond is real or fake

Diamond jewellery has always been everyones favourite. Promotion of this precious gemstone online has increased the popularity of the diamond stone even more. There are several reasons why this invaluable gemstone is thought  to be an ideal gift, a person can give to beloved woman. In this world of internet and upcoming online stores its become easier to buy diamond jewellery.  It is a popular option for engagement rings, wedding rings and even for a special occasion when you want to bring smile on someones face. Its unparalled character and the cost you have to pay for it someway connects to the love, a person has for his companion. You will come across a massive variety in the capital city and this is one of the major reason why diamond jewellery in Delhi is a popular choice among youngsters.

It has often been observed that men are very lazy and they hate to run around from one shop to the other to buy diamond jewellery. They certainly want the best diamond rimg for their lady but when it comes to running all over they shirk from it. It is simpler to buy diamonds online as it offers variety and saves your precious time which you can spend for your other important tasks. When you buy diamond jewelry, it is significant to demand a certificate that guarantees authenticity of this precious gem stone. This certificate is issued by recognized diamond grading and accomplished appraisers. Nearly all appraisers depend on a standardized ranking system for diamond stones. Whether you buy diamond jewellery in Delhi or online stores, certificate of authenticity is not a complete assurance that you have bought a real diamond.

Some useful tips to tell if a diamond is real or fake are:

If you want to be sure that the diamond you have purchased is real or not then there are few things you can do

  1. Verify for the refractive characteristics. A diamond that is real throws off glints when light os made to pass through it. It is because the diamonds have a soaring refractive index.
  2. For the diamonds which are loose try placing them on a newspaper upside down or any other surface, if the bottom is visible then the diamond is not real and the possibility of it being fake is there.
  3. The reflection of a real diamond is grayish in color and the rainbow reflections make the diamond real is just a myth.
  4. A diamond that is real should possess an orange flash when it is placed under a microscope.
  5. The fog test is also a great way of checking whether the diamond is real or fake. Blow warm air on the diamond from your mouth. If the fog stays for some time, it is a fake piece. Fog dissipates speedily from a real diamond.

Whether you buy diamond jewellery in Delhi or from an online store none of the above tests are 100% reliable as every gem has its own exclusive characteristics and qualities. The perfect way to be sure is to get it professionally  appraised from a trusted jeweller.


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