How to clean diamond ring

Diamond rings can become dirty and encrusted after every wear even though you are cautious and very careful with your jewellery items. The natural oil that is present in the skin, soaps and moisturizers could be the root cause of diamonds giving a mucky look owing to the film that develops on the diamonds.  As a result, the diamond rings will not sparkle naturally resulting in a dull look. Diamonds have the tendency to gather dust even when they are safely lying in the boxes and you have to clean them on a repititive basis to sustain their natural shine. You will come across the best diamond jewellery in delhi but jewelry setting needs cleaning at regular intervals as dirt, lint and other materials can be trapped by this rare stone.

It is significant to maintain the natural brilliance which is linked with a wonderfully cut diamond and for this you will have to clean it atleast twice a year. Majority of the people opt to take their diamond rings to a jewellery shop and decide to get it cleaned professionally. Though in some cases it is required but it depends on the kind of dullness the diamond has acquired. For instance, if your diamond ring is in silver setting, it is suggested to have professional cleaning as it will require deep cleaning of setting area and the metal. Whereas for many others professional service for getting the jewellery is not required.

Few tips to keep your diamond rings always shining are-

  • A simple and perfect way of cleaning diamond rings is to use a soft brush alng with soapy water to give your piece a spotless look. Softly brush the setting of your ring so that any foreign material or dirt that sticks to it, is loosened. It is important to note that it should not be scrubbed hard otherwise the setting will be loosened and you can loose your diamond accidentally. After cleaning your diamond ring, rinse carefully and dry it with a clean cloth devoid of any lint
  • An additional method of cleaning the diamonds is to soak them in a mixture of half ammonia and similar quantity of water for approximately 30 minutes. After that softly  brush the entire setting with a flexible brush. Dry it with a muslin cloth and just in case you do not feel like making your own mixture, you can pick up jewelry cleaning kits that are available at several departments. These kits have all the materials required to clean your jewellery
  • Yet another way of cleaning your diamond pieces is to purchase some Windex and just spray it on your ring or any other jewelry item. It is usually adopted by professionals but you can also adopt it. After that clean it with a soft jewelry cloth and dry the whole setting
  • One warning is to vigilantly clean your diamond rings, ensuring that no fittings or prongs get loose. It would be recommended to have it checked from a jeweler periodically, when you are cleaning your  diamond jewelry at home

So, if you are looking to geting your diamond jewellery in Delhi cleaned approach the professionals and give it a new look.

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